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This could be useful...

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I'm curious - what software did you use to pitch-shift it? (I used to be an audio technician... back in the days when pitch-shifting was done entirely by hardware. But I've tried to stay current, and I'm very fond of Audacity.)

It sounds very good in C ;-)


June 29 2008, 12:43:26 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  June 29 2008, 12:51:31 UTC

I tend to use WaveLab

But Audacity is a lot easier to use, I just did the same conversion in about 5 seconds in audacity... but it must process the two stereo channels separately because they aren't completely in sync after the conversion... it gives a strange phasing effect, like a slightly chewed tape...


June 29 2008, 15:33:30 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  June 29 2008, 15:36:43 UTC

I kinda like the effect ;-)
It makes it a little "punchier", and seems to enhance the stereo separation.
Incidentally, my subconscious mind just came up with the underlying chord pattern of the song. It's a thing called "Heart And Soul", which is usually performed by two people simultaneously using one piano - one person plays the chords, while the other picks out the melody with two fingers an octave apart. (This is usually done by two children who have each had a few piano lessons - it's the same principle as "Chopsticks".)
Hrm. The page is blank when I go to it. *scratches head*

its a big flash thing (minimum version flash 8.0)

Referral Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #24.674bf6d8.1214757499.601b6af
What browser are you using? It works for me in SeaMonkey (my default browser) and IE 6. You may have to wait a while for the page to display - it takes a long time, comparatively, for it to load.
I tried both Firefox and IE - I've got flash v. 9.0 installed . . . maybe I just need to wait longer.
I like the way you think. If I can get the ringtone to work, it will be especially helpful as I must travel to an amusement park to do mine and will have no computer access there (obviously). Thanks!
I think the actual production is going to be in the key of C, not C# - you can download hughe's pitch-shifted version above. I don't know what key the ringtone would be in... but maybe he could pitch-shift your part to match the rest.
Is there a particular reason we're changing keys? I don't really see any pros or cons; I think it might just cause confusion.
The clef for C-sharp major:

The clef for C major:
Well, yes, but aren't we just generally listening to the youtube recording?
I think it's to benefit anybody who's accompanying on an instrument.
I guess. I'm doing uke accompaniment, but it doesn't really matter to me on any instrument. =/

You wouldn't happen to know the chords, would you? I found a reference, but... they're not working. =S
The chords are exactly the same as for Heart And Soul - even the melody is very close.
Oh good thinking. I was even singing that the other day instead of the right words, and I didn't even think to look at it. Thanks! =)
Yeah, the chords that the person nearer the low end of the piano plays match up perfectly with the "boom-de-ya-da"s ;-)

Yeah, right after I watched the video, I caught myself humming "boomdeyada, boomdeyada, boomdeyada, boomdeyada, heart and soul...waitaminit."
Exactly! ;-)