sertrel (sertrel) wrote in xkcd_boomdeyada,

project updates

I'm sorting through the claims; due to adequate interest, I'll probably start a "tertiary" column, because claim comments were posted across multiple entries, and some people posted claims in posts to the community. I think the only one left unclaimed is "MC Hammer slide girl".

I'd like to stress that all submissions are valued, and I'd really like to make all the submissions available for download.

Another task I'm planning for later today is to post the line-by-line matching, so people can compare the singing pitch (e.g. so people sing "I love weird pillow talk" like "I love hot magma"; "I love your sister" like "I love the giant squids"). We may just opt to ask people to re-dub lines if necessary, to match "relative pitch" from clip to clip.
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